Can we see the band live before booking?

We highly recommend that you do try to catch us live if possible as this is the only real way to see exactly what we do.
Although a lot of our bookings are for weddings and private events, we always have a few public gigs coming up which are listed on our website gig diary & also on our Facebook events page:




How does the Ceilidh/DJ combination work?

Although we can alter timings to suit the crowd on the night this is the general template we find to work best and tend to stick with most of the time:

First dance/dances: DJ

The ceilidh band will play until the break/buffet (which is usually between 60 & 90 minutes)

DJ will play background music during the break/buffet

DJ set

Final 45 minutes the band will come back on for a rocked up ceilidh finale which will end with all of the guests on the floor for The Orcadian Strip The Willow & Auld Lang Sine.

Alternatively our DJ can play Loch Lomond between The Orcadian Strip The Willow & Auld Lang Sine.

Our DJ & musicians will all stay until the end of the evening. If you want more ceilidh/less DJ or more DJ/less ceilidh, just come up and let us know, but please make sure that we are given enough notice to plan out our schedule so that we are able to bring everything to a good finale at the correct time.



Do you explain the dances?

We can talk through the dances once or twice beforehand. The dances we do are pretty straight forward and generally people can pick them up after a couple of times through. James can also get out onto the dance floor to help.

Once the dances have been explained and the band begins to play, we tend not to call instructions over the music. If anyone is still not sure after a couple of explanations, they may have to improvise at first until they catch on to what the other dancers are doing.



How far do you travel?

Although most of the band members are based in Edinburgh, we regularly perform throughout the UK and abroad. We’re happy to travel any distance providing our expenses and additional costs are covered.

For gigs within 200 miles from Edinburgh, it’s easiest for us to drive there & provide all of our own equipment.
For longer distance gigs within the UK (due to the travel time involved) it’s sometimes easier for us to travel by train and hire PA equipment and drum kit to be delivered to the venue. We can advise you on what equipment we would require.
When we play abroad, we normally fly from Edinburgh airport and we’ll bring in a local equipment hire company to provide the sound, lighting and drum kit.

Here are some possible expenses which you may need to take into account when booking a band for a long distance gig:
Travel expenses e.g. fuel, travel time, train/plane/ferry/bus tickets, taxis, equipment hire, and accommodation.
Travel tickets and B&B are usually organised and purchased by the client.
Travel time & fuel expenses will be added to the total fee.

If you complete our online inquiry form, with details of your event & location, we will help you to find the easiest solution, and provide you with a quote for expenses.



Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes! We contact all venues around two weeks before the event date to double check setup times & access.

We also provide links where they can access PDF files of the following certificates:

Stage Plan & Rider

Public Liability Certificate of Insurance

Risk Assessment Document

PAT Certificate



How can I confirm a booking?

Once we have decided on the best package for your event, and provided you with a quote, we require a booking deposit (non refundable).

Once the deposit has been paid and we have been provided with all of your event details, you’ll receive a copy of the contract by email. If you’re happy that the details are all correct, you’ll be able to sign electronically

You will then receive your system log-in details and can keep track of everything connected with your booking via our online system at www.ceilidhbookings.com