About Us

Ceilidh Experience About Us

We are The Ceilidh Experience

Are you looking for traditional dances with a contemporary twist? High energy jigs & reels with rock grooves & funk bass lines?

The Ceilidh Experience could be the perfect band for you

The Ceilidh Experience is based in Edinburgh & Glasgow and we perform all over the UK & throughout Europe. We combine the classic ceilidh dances, that we all know and love, with modern bass lines, beats, samples & effects creating a sound which really gets the crowd moving. Don’t worry if you have guests coming from overseas or who have never ceilidh danced before as we will call/explain the moves as much or as little as required.

We have a slick show with sound & lighting engineer, an in-house DJ with an interactive online advanced music planning & request system.

Planning Your Event

Disco James engineers sound & lighting during the band’s set; he is also The Ceilidh Experience DJ. He provides a user friendly online music planning system, where you can organise music and requests in advance. You will be provided with login details and can make changes online at any point, therefore any new information is automatically updated to the DJ’s system keeping everyone up to date.

The Ceilidh Experience has worked closely with Disco James building and developing the show for more than a decade. As a result, the communication on stage is excellent and transitions between band & DJ seamless.

Having both the live band and DJ ensures a balance and provides something for everyone.

Althought the majority of our ceilidhs are for weddings, private parties & corporate events, we do also perform at some open events. A list of all of our upcoming public ceilidhs is on our website ‘Gig Diary’ and band Facebook page.

Like us on Facebook and if you make it along to one of our shows, be sure to say hello; we will be delighted to meet you!

We promise you a night to remember!

Don’t take our word for it! Head on down to one of our live shows and make up your own mind.